The Current Roe v Wade Debate and What it Can Mean to Women’s Rights

In 1973, Roe v Wade changed the outlook of women’s rights to abortion throughout the country. The US Supreme Court took down the Texas statute banning abortion and made it legal for women to have the procedure in the United States. In the past, abortions were illegal throughout most states and would lead to women having an unwanted child, looking for unlawful abortion options, or seeking out medications that could help. This raised the rate of abortion medications being sold and doctors performing dangerous and illegal procedures. Soon, the medicines were also anointed illegal, and women’s right to abortions was cut in more ways than one. For many women and activists in the country, this caused outrage. Groups and people, [...]

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Frequently asked questions about FMLA

Signed into law in 1993 by President Bill Clinton, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides eligible employees up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leave a year, and requires group health benefits to be maintained during the leave as if employees continued to work instead of taking leave. Employees are also entitled to return to their same or an equivalent job at the end of their FMLA leave. The FMLA also provides certain military family leave entitlements. Eligible employees may take FMLA leave for specified reasons related to certain military deployments of their family members. Additionally, they may take up to 26 weeks of FMLA leave in a single 12-month period to care for a covered service member with [...]

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What do you do if you’re pulled over for DWI?

There are few things more terrifying than getting pulled over after you have been socially drinking with friends. Even if you have stayed within the legal limits, or have had several hours pass since your last drink, you can attract the attention of an officer with something as simple as a blinker-less lane change, or what could be perceived as irregular driving: driving too fast or too slow, turning indecision, or other actions that stand out. You could also just be driving at a time and place when officers are expecting drunk drivers. Regardless of how many drinks you may have had, and when you last had them, there are some basic principles that you should be aware of and [...]

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6 things you should know about police-civilian interactions

While serving as enforcers of the law, police officers are not above the law themselves. When they fail to abide by the rules governing their actions, or infringe upon the civil rights of citizens, they can be held accountable. As an example, if a police officer is guilty of domestic violence, hit and run, or any other crime, a judge can sentence the officer to the same punishments as a civilian would face. The officer can serve time in prison, pay fines, and be on probation. This can apply to an officer’s actions on-duty as well. Arresting a person is a powerful tool for law enforcement. Arrests can be made when an officer witnesses a violation of the law, or [...]

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Application to the Coast Guard

Eric Vernon talks about his involvement with the US Coast Guard, from his early years to being an admissions partner. If you have any interest in all in being a part of the Coast Guard, give Eric a call and he can help you with the application process.

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What does the President’s most recent executive action on guns mean for you?

On March 27 a gunman in Boulder, Colorado went on a shooting spree, killing 10 people at a grocery store. This was only days after a shooter in Atlanta went on a spree leaving 8 dead across three spas on March 16. The crescendo to what has been some of our most violent years in recent memory, the Biden administration released an executive order on April 7, 2021 that caught many people’s eye for its addressing of what it calls “ghost guns.” It became clear that many in the public were not sure what ghost guns were, or how a potential regulation of these guns would impact them. Furthermore, there seems to be a lot of panic around the executive [...]

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Environmental Law

Ever since Robin Koogler, Esq. joined the Baldwin and Vernon team, we've added environmental law to our areas of expertise. Robin discusses why she focused on environmental laws, her previous projects with the EPA and her visions for Baldwin and Vernon as it pertains to environmental law.

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