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Can You Be Charged With a Criminal Offense for Emotional Abuse?

By | 2023-11-15T07:29:45-06:00 October 23rd, 2023|Criminal Law|

While abuse is regularly seen as physical, emotional abuse can be just as dangerous, scarring, and illegal. It is important not to get emotional abuse mixed up with a simple spout you might have with your partner over who empties the dishwasher. If proper communication is done and it ends with both parties smiling and working together, it is easy to say that it was not an emotionally abusive situation. However, when certain lines are crossed, it could lead to emotional abuse and then a possible criminal offense. So, to keep yourself informed, no matter what side you are on, let’s better understand emotional abuse and its meaning. What Is Considered Emotional Abuse Emotional abuse is more than a small [...]

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If You Are Traveling From Missouri to Kansas, Be Aware of These Marijuana Laws

By | 2023-07-26T07:19:01-05:00 July 26th, 2023|Criminal Law|

Before taking your summer road trip, look at the laws within the states you will be visiting to ensure you are mindful of your rights. Many citizens travel back and forth between Kansas and Missouri for work or pleasure, and with these new laws in place, the last thing you want is to get caught up in the confusion. Recreational Marijuana Use in Missouri The newest law in Missouri was the legalization use of recreational marijuana. However, marijuana is still classified as an illegal substance federally. This means that any recreational use must stay within the confines of the state of Missouri. Even if you are to travel to a state that has also legalized marijuana, you are not allowed [...]

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What Happens If I Miss Jury Duty?

By | 2023-05-16T08:13:13-05:00 April 19th, 2023|Criminal Law|

It is unlikely that anyone wants to get a letter asking them to report for jury duty. While it is a chore to some, it is a requirement by law. However, there are instances when someone might forget to go. When this happens, it is crucial that we understand our rights as citizens and what the next steps are. Fortunately, if you are ahead of the game, there are ways to postpone or reasonably excuse yourself from jury duty. If you get that letter in the mail, remember these tips. What to Expect If You Fail To Show Up For Jury Duty To be eligible for jury duty, you must be over the age of 21, a US citizen, clear [...]

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Understanding Theft in Missouri

By | 2023-01-24T12:16:15-06:00 October 27th, 2022|Criminal Law|

Theft, also known as larceny, is one of the most common criminal charges. In Missouri, theft occurs when a person takes the property or services from another with the intent to deprive the owner without consent or by deceit or coercion. Theft can revolve around many different assets and can be seen as robbery, fraud, shoplifting, identity fraud, or embezzlement. Starting with a simple misdemeanor and working up to a class E felony, it is essential to understand the laws and what is at stake.

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What Is Evidence Tampering, and Can You Be Charged with Accidental Tampering?

By | 2023-01-24T12:13:36-06:00 October 13th, 2022|Criminal Law|

Evidence tampering occurs when someone tries to hide, destroy, or obscure the evidence to avoid legal consequences. This can be done by concealing, removing, destroying, or changing something before the trial. Evidence tampering can also be found within the courtroom by producing or presenting evidence that one knows is false or misleading to the case.

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Can You Still Get a DWI If You Are Under 0.08%

By | 2023-10-16T07:59:34-05:00 July 27th, 2022|Criminal Law|

All fifty states, including Missouri, follow strict driving while intoxicated (DWI) laws and regulations to ensure the safety and accountability of motorists. Federally, the blood alcohol concentration level stated to be illegal is 0.08%. For many, this may make it seem as if you have a lower BAC; no penalties are given. However, with a BAC of 0.08%, that only allows law enforcement to arrest drivers immediately, with no need for additional evidence against the driver. However, a conviction can be given with or without a BAC level. Law enforcement must find evidence of impairment for a DWI to be given. Swerving, missing stop signs, running red lights, physical attributes, and other irregularities in driving laws can be seen as [...]

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What do you do if you’re pulled over for DWI?

By | 2023-01-24T15:46:08-06:00 September 29th, 2021|Criminal Law|

There are few things more terrifying than getting pulled over after you have been socially drinking with friends. Even if you have stayed within the legal limits, or have had several hours pass since your last drink, you can attract the attention of an officer with something as simple as a blinker-less lane change, or what could be perceived as irregular driving: driving too fast or too slow, turning indecision, or other actions that stand out. You could also just be driving at a time and place when officers are expecting drunk drivers. Regardless of how many drinks you may have had, and when you last had them, there are some basic principles that you should be aware of and [...]

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6 things you should know about police-civilian interactions

By | 2023-01-24T12:57:27-06:00 May 20th, 2021|Criminal Law|

While serving as enforcers of the law, police officers are not above the law themselves. When they fail to abide by the rules governing their actions, or infringe upon the civil rights of citizens, they can be held accountable. As an example, if a police officer is guilty of domestic violence, hit and run, or any other crime, a judge can sentence the officer to the same punishments as a civilian would face. The officer can serve time in prison, pay fines, and be on probation. This can apply to an officer’s actions on-duty as well. Arresting a person is a powerful tool for law enforcement. Arrests can be made when an officer witnesses a violation of the law, or [...]

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8 Class A misdemeanors 1 Felony your teen could commit without realizing it

By | 2023-01-24T12:47:28-06:00 March 24th, 2021|Criminal Law|

As the weather gets nicer, our beloved teens will be spending increasingly more time outdoors and socializing with one another. While these social interactions are great for them, there are many “fun” activities that seem harmless but could land them in serious trouble. Here are eight of the most common charges teens receive during the Spring and Summer months: Alcohol. We never want our teens drinking and driving, but it is important to know that all it takes is a BAC of .020 for them to receive a DWI charge if they are under 21 years old. It is always better for them to Uber if they have gotten their hands on any wine, beer, or spirits. Marijuana. Regardless of [...]

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Get to know Baldwin & Vernon

By | 2022-09-27T12:33:27-05:00 April 7th, 2020|Criminal Law|

The team at Baldwin & Vernon works tirelessly to fight for their clients on their behalf. Here are 3 of the firm’s verdicts and results and 6 facts about the Baldwin & Vernon team. 3 Baldwin & Vernon case examples The team at Baldwin & Vernon has experience in criminal defense, employment discrimination, juvenile law, unemployment claims, traffic violations, immigration law, and personal injury cases. Here are 3 real case examples from the Baldwin & Vernon team. Conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine The client charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. The defendant had been caught in a basement meth lab of a friend when the DEA served a search warrant. After 3 days of trial and an overnight deliberation, the jury [...]

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