Do You Need Car Insurance to Drive Legally?

Car insurance is there not only to protect you but to protect the drivers around you. It offers payment for any vehicle damages or medical costs and can prevent you from paying out of pocket for any accidents. Only two states in the country do not require car insurance, and Missouri is not one of them. In Missouri, car insurance is legally required when you register your vehicle or renew your license plates. Yes, Missouri Citizens Do Require Car Insurance Under Missouri law, drivers are required to have some type of motor vehicle liability insurance coverage and maintain it throughout their years as a driver. Whether registering your car or being pulled over, you must show proof of your insurance. [...]

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Age Discrimination: It Can Be Hard to Spot. Here Are the Signs

You might not be ready to hang up your cape just yet, but the people around you might think differently. Age discrimination is becoming a more significant issue as new generations are flocking to jobs and making up a higher percentage of workers in certain industries. Whether intentional or not, age discrimination can happen to anyone over 40 and can blindside anyone who is affected by it. Age is the one protected category that crosses all others – race/religion/national origin/ sex/disability/ethnicity. Everyone ages, and as we age, the likelihood of age discrimination grows increasingly likely. Couple that with a disability and/or stereotypes for certain industries, and an employee can suddenly find themselves in unfamiliar territory of struggling to hang on [...]

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Can Your Workplace Legally Stop You From Praying?

Today’s workplace is filled with people of all different backgrounds, which can lead to a melting pot of religions. Thankfully, we live in the United States of America, and our constitution has encouraged us to be welcoming to this for over 200 years. Because not everybody was welcoming, we started enacting laws more than 50 years ago to protect people from racism and discrimination in their place of work. No matter the religion or absence thereof, the United States and Missouri have laws employers must abide by to ensure employees (and employers) feel safe and accommodated. As noted, however, because workplaces have to be safe and welcoming for ALL religions and even those without a professed religion, employers have the [...]

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Can You Be Charged With a Criminal Offense for Emotional Abuse?

While abuse is regularly seen as physical, emotional abuse can be just as dangerous, scarring, and illegal. It is important not to get emotional abuse mixed up with a simple spout you might have with your partner over who empties the dishwasher. If proper communication is done and it ends with both parties smiling and working together, it is easy to say that it was not an emotionally abusive situation. However, when certain lines are crossed, it could lead to emotional abuse and then a possible criminal offense. So, to keep yourself informed, no matter what side you are on, let’s better understand emotional abuse and its meaning. What Is Considered Emotional Abuse Emotional abuse is more than a small [...]

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Workplace Myths: You Can’t Talk About Your Pay

Whether they started from workplace stigmas or controlling employers, many myths revolving around the workplace keep employees from being comfortable and open with their team members and managers. Today, we are going to focus on one of the most talked about myths within Missouri and the nation– Can you talk about your pay? The topic of pay continues to be a controversial one, but as we are more than halfway through 2023, things need to change. Employees are learning their worth and standing up for themselves now more than ever, and that should extend to the conversation of pay. False: It Is Completely Legal to Talk About Pay This myth is false. Employees are entirely within their rights to talk [...]

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Break, Lunch, and Personal Time Laws in Missouri

As you take on a new job in Missouri, walk in prepared with knowledge of your rights as an employee. An essential part of our day is recharging throughout it, and we can only do that through breaks and lunch to eat, drink, and get some quick rest from our workload. Breaks are one of the most significant ways to get the best efficiency and productivity from our workers. The last thing any employer wants is burnt-out employees. But what is required through the state of Missouri? Understand your rights as an employee regarding your breaks, lunchtime, and personal time in Missouri. Understanding Missouri Break Laws It may come as a surprise, but Missouri has no legal mandate regarding breaks [...]

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If You Are Traveling From Missouri to Kansas, Be Aware of These Marijuana Laws

Before taking your summer road trip, look at the laws within the states you will be visiting to ensure you are mindful of your rights. Many citizens travel back and forth between Kansas and Missouri for work or pleasure, and with these new laws in place, the last thing you want is to get caught up in the confusion. Recreational Marijuana Use in Missouri The newest law in Missouri was the legalization use of recreational marijuana. However, marijuana is still classified as an illegal substance federally. This means that any recreational use must stay within the confines of the state of Missouri. Even if you are to travel to a state that has also legalized marijuana, you are not allowed [...]

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What Happens If I Miss Jury Duty?

It is unlikely that anyone wants to get a letter asking them to report for jury duty. While it is a chore to some, it is a requirement by law. However, there are instances when someone might forget to go. When this happens, it is crucial that we understand our rights as citizens and what the next steps are. Fortunately, if you are ahead of the game, there are ways to postpone or reasonably excuse yourself from jury duty. If you get that letter in the mail, remember these tips. What to Expect If You Fail To Show Up For Jury Duty To be eligible for jury duty, you must be over the age of 21, a US citizen, clear [...]

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Are Twitter/Elon Musk’s Rapid Changes Breaking Employment Law?

On October 27th, 2022, Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion. He became the owner and CEO and immediately enacted changes with the hope of making the company more profitable. However, in order to make Twitter profitable, in the upcoming month, Musk made drastic changes and announced what it meant to work at the new Twitter. Musk laid off over half its workers, from high-up executives to contractors. With this massive and quick change, Twitter was immediately sued and is now questioned about breaking employment law. However, was what Elon Musk did to steer Twitter into a profitable new year really breaking employment law? As changes are still happening within the company, it is essential to understand what it means [...]

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Understanding Theft in Missouri

Theft, also known as larceny, is one of the most common criminal charges. In Missouri, theft occurs when a person takes the property or services from another with the intent to deprive the owner without consent or by deceit or coercion. Theft can revolve around many different assets and can be seen as robbery, fraud, shoplifting, identity fraud, or embezzlement. Starting with a simple misdemeanor and working up to a class E felony, it is essential to understand the laws and what is at stake.

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